London - JFK May 20th, 2020

  • Aircraft and Livery: Virgin Atlantic 787-9 (789)

  • Route: EGLL-JFK

  • Time of Departure: 9:00AM EST on May 20th

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: Training server because I am not yet grade 3, but I want to do a group flight to have some fun!

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The title needs to be fixed
The departure time needs to be fixed

Hey, make sure to have your group flights at maximum 3 hours before departure time, thanks!

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It is way longer than 3 hours before departure time? It is may 19th, 3:17 PM. The flight isn’t until tomorrow (may 20th) at 9AM.

How did I not follow the template?

3 hours before departure at the latest

You should change the title

I am an idiot! So sorry, will revise now. I am just going to take it down, and repost it correctly. I am new to this!


No worries.

Do you know why I cannot delete a post? It says error deleting the post, please contact the site administrator.

You have to flag your own post and a moderator will do it