London is a mess

Uh messy all request same time maybe 4 or 5 at runway at same time a mess people need to hold short but all goes on the runway same time uh

TS1. Mess. Old news.

Its TS1. Most pilots don’t know what they are doing, with some exceptions


It’s increased now because all the Grade 3 trolls that were flying on Expert had to come down to TS1 because of the new rules xD


And when i say go around to the peeps thats on short final they ignore😑😑

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It’s the training server. This is becoming a clichae, but fly/control expert for a realistic experience.

Yes i’m near im grade 2 but im near

LHR on TS1 will never be a place of order. Just a mess.

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Just one tip, before you start flying on Expert get to know how to follow ATC instructions from A to Z, because with the new rule after 5 ghosts you can’t go on Expert Server for 1 whole year, and after 15 you are banned permanently.

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1 YEAR!!??? You kidding me?

Ikr, this new rule is being quite the controversial topic on IFC.

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1 year then my pro subscription runs out😑😑

It runs oit in 11 may

Remember TS1 is just that pilots and controllers training. Control what you can by learning the workings of Infinite Flight ATC and do the best you can. There’s nothing more that can be added to the conversation here. Best of luck and keep practicing! Cheers