'London' instead of 'Lima': Phonetics - Singapore and KL

In Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Indonesia, the word ‘Lima’ means ‘five’. It is changed to ‘London’ by those countries in the real world. I think it should be implemented for the Singapore/ KL region.


Sadly it doesn´t appear like that when searching the internet, Lima is what ends up showing after searching ATC phonetic alphabet.

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Let’s leave that as it is. English is aviation’s first language and Lima is the real Phonetic alphabet of “L.” In the Philippines, the word “Lima” also means “five” but CAAP never changed it.

Why confuse the whole rest of the world?

English is the language of aviation. Everything is based out of the English language?

Yep exactly. No need to change the rules for a few countries.


You wot m8? Singapore may have Malays but our aviation language is English so Lima means Lima and not Satu Dua Tiga Empat Lima

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Go coding that,sir! Its very hard to do it!