London HeathrowGround not reading back ATC requests

London Heathrow Ground Frequency Controller is not doing a great job managing ground ops at LHR/EGLL. It is Complete Madness right now. I need someone to help me fix this.

Is this on the training server or expert server?

Training Server.

There’s your answer. The training server is used by pilots and atc to practice their skills. Therefore most of the atc controllers are not qualified to control on the expert server and mistakes may be made.

Not really sure of the situation down there but I would advise you to be patient or choose an alternative server. This is quite a common issue on the training server especially at LHR and LAX

They’ve been active for 18hrs on Ground and I left that frequency for Tower. The Ground Frequency hasn’t responded to any aircraft at all. A lot of aircraft called ground but no response.

Sounds like a troll.

I checked if there’s a way around it and bumped into this:

This may count as a special circumstance due to the length of disruption you are saying.
But then again, this is the training server, and trolls like this are all too common. Unfortunately there is not really a way around it

Ok… That helps.

This is most likely not a troll or similar.
More likely the server that haven’t “let go” of the user session as it’s supposed to.

We’ll have a look at it asap!


Ok. Thank you.

Never had any problems with Controller, maybe it’s just a case

“Controller” is the default username given to everyone without an IFC linked / shown - it isn’t a single person


Yeah, I used to have that problem controlling on the training server. It’s taken over 24 hours once and it’s usually when I get put as observer.

Oh man, thought its a single user. He gave me some very professional instructions all the time.
I thought i ve found my soulmate but now my dreams are destroyed


It’s happening again. Ground isn’t reading back a single Request from Aircraft but they were on for 8hrs. I saw that 13 Aircraft tried to call Ground but Ground didn’t respond.

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