London heathrow

Just asking why always on training servers there is always planes at heathrow. I think there is much more interesting placew than london for example africa

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It’s because London Heathrow is one of the most popular airports in IF, and in real life. Many aircraft fly-in and fly-out every day.

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It’s one of the busiest airports in the world so of course that would be particularly reflected on IF, people go to places they know.


also in real life

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People go there because it’s famous. Even if you’re doing a real flight, Heathrow connects to alot of other countries.

Because it’s famous, and because its busy. People love coming to super busy airports, even on expert (there it’s often the first featured airport on the schedule), if it’s busy more people will come.

Another reason is their are a lot of high traffic routes from London Heathrow within 2 hours, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Dublin, Madrid, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Zurich, or Rejkavik


even on the Expert server, when there is no ATC, it is still a popoular destination or departure airport.

hmm… same question before the global update, why was KLAX the most popular airport? I mean its more of a popular airport cuz it is busy in real life anyways so being the same in game is normal.

Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (KATL) is much busier than Heathrow irl, why won’t IF users crowd around there?

Atlanta isn’t the same, it’s a lesser known airport and mainly dominated by Delta Airline aircraft. Heathrow is probably the most diverse airport with aircraft from every corner of the world


My reasons: i am european, and egll is closer to me!
27l, 27r, 9l, 9r are easy to land and takeoff.
So many planes can come easily from europe, america, asia, africa.
Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Zurich etc. Are so so closer.
I can remember all the gates.
I cannot go to Atlanta, Los Angeles or New York so much. Because time is not related each other. During my noon time, Usa has night and During my night time, USA has daytime. Sometimes i prefer Usa in the night and this is daytime for Usa and i can travel in daytime.

Etc etc

That’s because a lot of flights originate and terminate there, and there is often ATC there on TS

LHR is major Business, Financial and Political Hub. And Airline Companies alike are big participants of these 3 categories. Many major Airlines fly in and out of LHR on a daily basis, and some even send multiple planes a day. Qatar and Emirates would be two great examples of Airlines who are massive in the market and industry, who has multiple slots to fill with anything and everything, ranging between 777 to A350 (QR only, Emirates has none) to A380.

Since it’s one the biggest and most important airport around, serving millions each year, it’s more than normal people would gather there even in IF.

LHR has a fame for its name, and that fame is known across IF players, no doubt!

People flood to areas they know. They also flood to areas they know and that hold popular tourist destinations. In London, you get to see Big Ben, the London Bridge, etc.

In Los Angeles, you get the nice beaches, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Disneyland even though it is closer to KSNA, etc.

In San Francisco, you get Alcatraz, the Golden Gate Bridge, the cold weather, etc.

Basically, if an airport is near a popular tourist destination and is big enough to accommodate more planes and international aircraft, people will flood there.

But sadly, that is why more people know KSFO than KSJC. Someone even said there was only one airport in the Bay Area! :(


hi, it is because as it is famous always have ATC and although it have some delays, ususally is maneged by teh most cualified people

Panurge’s sheep flying, maybe?

Well, EGLL is a large airport, so any type of aircraft can fly out.
It’s also great for any type of route, whether it be a short 30-minute flight or a multi-hour flight to Tokyo or Sydney.

My main reason is that LHR is always busy on Training Server and you are usually always guaranteed to have ATC when arriving. Due to the airport activity, you can also usually see a few planes at London and so it makes it a little more entertaining than departing from another airport.

London is also right-up there with New York City in terms of influence, and it’s a mecca for aviation. I personally love flying 6-7 hour routes from the ME3 to EGLL.

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its because everybody does EGLL-EHAM or EHAM-EGLL LFPG-EGLL EDDF-EGLL EIDW-EGLL all those short routes