London Heathrow to Perth, Qantas 789

I finally decided to do a ultra long haul, I did this a few weeks ago so I can guarantee you without a shadow of the doubt I know only the big information and will not remember the fpl. I only just came around to make this post. Anyway enjoy these photos as always!

Flight Information
Server: TS
Flight: London Heathrow to Perth
Cruising Altitude: FL350 then FL370 about 2 hours out

Spawned at the gate in TS EGLL, probably thinking I should’ve done this in ES already

I didn’t think to get a pushback shot because that would’ve been a good idea, so here’s lift off around 6pm CST

Skip ahead around 6 hours, here’s 3 shots of the Middle East.

And here’s where the scenery gets fairly boring, bye Oman, hope to do a flight (and get a 3d airport there soon, not trying to give a idea or anything would never)

Fast forward another 6 hours, here’s a british owned atoll in the Indian Ocean named Diego Garcia, mostly used as a military installation (geography 101)

And finally another 4 hours later, after accumulating 16 hours of flight time by now, I was finally approaching our destination of Perth

And finally landed at YPPH at around 10am my time after being in the air 16 hours and 20 minutes

And as usual with my other posts, feel free to mention your favorite or some criticisms, especially of the most casual commentary ever and the short geography lesson. I really enjoyed this flight and would do so again (if I am guaranteed to not have my game crash.) As always have a good rest of your day/night! Whichever it might be!


Nice shots! Especially loved the 2nd one with the control tower in the background.

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That is a plane

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You should try Heathrow to Sydney after this
Nice photos too!

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Yess! One of my favourite routes of all time! Great shots and congratulations 🎉 📸

That was a good flight I must say

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Was you using bushtalk?
Anyways Great Shots

Mhm too bad only 1 sunrise because we were too early

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Can you give tips about fuel management for long haul flights , I always run out of it ?

For 1 to 6 hour flight I load the fuel for the flight so like KJFK to KLAX I load 6 hours of fuel and 1-2 hours extra and for long hauls like KLAX to RJTT I load 10 hours of fuel and the add 2-3 hours extra of fuel

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But for flights of beyond 14 hrs , like the one you did now from london to perth did you take stops in between or just continued the journey with whatsoever amount of fuel you had in start.

I don’t think it would’ve been possible if I didn’t use trim firstly, and I used the winds to my advantage. (Trim especially) Also for this one I loaded it max (naturally) and don’t let red stop you while climbing as that happened here and I ultimately finished with around 5 hours more.

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The only time I almost ran out of fuel was in vertical takeoff embraers