London Heathrow to Mumbai

Here is a flight that I have done recently. Got to see some new scenery at places I have never expected. Hope you like them and my last pic has nothing to do with the flight but I think the livery looks cute.

Terminal 3 Gate 320 at London Heathrow

Runway 27L Departure

Sunrise over West Germany

Georgia’s beautiful Mountain ranges

Iran also has some beautiful Mountain ranges

Runway 27 Landing at Mumbai

Parked Gate V12R. Also Virgin Atlantic has the perfect timing. As one parks at Mumbai another leaves for London Heathrow

As I said before this has nothing to do with the flight but I think this livery is cute on the a320

Flight time: 8 hours and 7 mins
Cruising Altitude: 39,000ft
Virgin Atlantic Livery
Airbus A340-600
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Nice shots there ! The A340 really deserves a rework !

Whether it gets it’s rework or not, I kinda grown to love it’s flaws. But if Infinite flight ever rework this airplane I hope they give it some additional liverys.

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