London Heathrow to Kai Tak

Thought I’d share some snaps from my first EGLL - VHHX flight

Take off from 27R

Lining up with the checkerboards


I think you should post your pics on the dedicated #screenshots-and-videos category you can just change it! Nice pics tho!

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How long was it? Did you sleep during the fliggt?

Great Pictures!

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It was 10hr 55 min and yeah i had about 5 hours sleep in the middle

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Ohh, congratss thats long

Hi, very nice, sorry, unfortunately, and I saw your picture last number 5 in rules something the displayed names and box are hidden here on IFC.

It follows in rules #screenshots-and-videos Category to continue the read, please. Thank you for understanding.

It was a good day on IFC.

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