London Heathrow to Cape Town | British Airways 747-400

Welcome to my first long haul in probably a year (or more!) While everyone was busy with the 777 and 737, I decided to devote some attention to the legendary 747 on one of its great routes (I don’t know if any of you have read the book Skyfaring by the pilot Mark Vanhoenacker, but in it he describes his 747 flights for BA - it’s a great book).

Anyway, this flight unfortunately had to occur on casual because of my grade standing. Thankfully everyone stayed out of my way at Heathrow and even though there was an silent inbound for the opposite end of the runway from me, they vacated just as I got on short final. My takeoff and approach were made even better by SIDS and STARS, so overall it was a very enjoyable flight.

Note that in the interest of seeing things, the time was changed. This flight was really an evening departure and early morning arrival, with everything happening overnight

Flight Details
  • British Airways 747-400 | EGLL to FACT
  • ~11:30 flight time
    *Route took us through France and Spain, then down through Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, and then across the southern Atlantic to Angola, Namibia and finally South Africa

Sitting at the gate loading the flight plan, fuel and passengers.

All four engines in a blur as they rocket us off the runway and into the air

Banking in the SID

Flying over the beautiful countryside of France

The southern Alps greet us as we cross over the border to Spain and on to the Mediterranean

Dramatic lighting scenery over the desert in Algeria

On the STAR for Cape Town, banking over the bay

50… 40… 30…

Pulling into the international terminal with my all-time favorite beacon shot


Hope you enjoyed! These were all lightly edited with the default Apple Photos software.


Great pictures!


Nothing like the beautiful BA 747, she’s a beauty!


Absolutely! A great aircraft with a great livery

Yes! Something other than the 777 or 737 for the queen!

Great shots mate! Flights into South Africa never disappoint. :^)

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Thanks! No they don’t. Quite happy I chose that route - a great long haul for sure!

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Very true. Flew it back in August-September. I always have memories of that flight.

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Very nice pictures! Looks like a fun route :)

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Awesome photos! I see you took the queen out for a spin! What a lovely sight. I like the editing and scenery in the 6th one.

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@Mr-plane-guy1 Thank you! Glad you enjoyed them!

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Incredible shots! I love that aircraft!

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The queen of the skies! Great pictures 😊👌

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Great pictures! Did you fly in solo? EGLL looks to empty for a server.

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nice shots 👍

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That airplane looks amazing! The route you’ve chosen is one of my favourite’s as well.

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Thanks everyone! Seems this has turned into my most popular photo post so far!

@Gm2kmike20 Nope, it was casual (thankfully so I could rack up some stats). Just so happened that everyone at EGLL stayed out of my way on takeoff and taxi (I may have subtly cropped out a wayward sideways A320 on my takeoff photo :) )

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Ahh ok. Lucky you.

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