London Heathrow Planespotting (BA and Virgin Atlantic Only)

Here’s a plane-spotting video at a new airport on my channel being London Heathrow. This is my first time spotting there but not the best location I was expecting to spot at as there were a lot of obstruction of fences, trucks and a bit of pedestrians making it challenging for me to get some shots of those planes departing out of the runway. Had Heathrow had used the easterly runway, I would’ve easy gone to Myrtle Avenue to shoot a lot of arrivals or better still use the T5 Car Park for arrivals into 09L instead of the petrol station.

Enjoy this 30+ minute long video with a whole bunch of aircrafts that both BA and Virgin use and if so Smash That Like Button. Also Subscribe as there will be another part to this plane-spotting venture where you’ll see more diversity in airlines, special liveries and more aircraft types.

Edit: For got to mention, Timeline is also in the description.


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