London Heathrow Meetup Spotting | London, June 15, 2019

Hello again everyone!

I hope you’re having a great weekend so far! Today I want to once again take you back to the last weekend when Infinite Flight held its community meetup at London Heathrow. With this third topics from last weekend we finally reached Saturday, so meetup day! This meant not too much sleep for me since I got up to spot at 5.30 am already and stayed til the end of the meetup at around 5.30pm. I guess I don’t need to mention that after 12 hours of spotting the selection of 10 pics from all the pics taken that day was incredibly hard once again.

While 5 hours of sleep don’t sound especially awesome, the light the rising sun provides compensates for a lot. While the main runway for arrivals that morning was the northern one, Oman Air’s 787 arrived on the southern runway.

Similar plane from a similar region of the world - makes for a similar arrival. Gulf Air’s 787 arrived on the southern runway for Terminal 4 as well. Personally, I really love the new livery of Gulf Air - what about you? While I got this shot, British Airways’ Negus livery arrived on the northern runway but I still managed to catch that plane the day after (“Coming soon”)

After these early arrivals bound for the southern runway, I switched to the northern runway, where quite some heavies were inbound. One of the most modern long haul jets arriving was inbound from Port Louis - The Airbus A330neo operated by Air Mauritius.

Not that modern but still an amazing piece of engineering is the Boeing 777. Even better when it’s wearing a special livery. Inbound from Auckland via Los Angeles: Air New Zealand’s “All Blacks” livery in front of a sky that wore a similar color.

Apart from the British Airways retro 747s I was also looking forward to spot another awesome paintjob - Air Belgium’s A340 operating flights for British Airways. Unfortunately, when I arrived at London, the airline had switched equipment so the flight operating the Toronto rotation was actually OO-ABE, the only Air Belgium 340 wearing a completely white “livery”. Therefore I was quite happy to see OO-ABB arriving back from Brussels that Saturday morning wearing the beautiful Air Belgium colors.

While we’re at haul jets - At Heathrow, they aren’t only used for longhauls. Many airlines from Europe such as Iberia, TAP Portugal or Finnair operate heavy equipment to Heathrow to meet the high demand. Last saturday, TAP Portugal arrived in London with one of their Airbus A340-300s from Lisbon.

There are nevertheless routes where huge jets are rather rare. One of those is the short hop from Dublin offered by Aer Lingus. As you might have noticed, in my other London topics I already caught the Aer Lingus retro livery as well as their old livery that’s currently being replaced by the new colors. So now it’s time to finally get that one off the to-do-list. Even though Munich sees several Aer Lingus flights every day, I had to travel to London to finally get a picture of a freshly painted A320. What’s your favorite Aer Lingus livery?

Wait, did I say Finnair is operating heavy jets into London on a regular basis?! Right, so did they last Saturday. In contrast to TAP, they used a way more modern plane - namely their A350-900XWB.

After all these arrivals for the northern runway it was finally time to meet with all the other people from the Infinite Flight community. After a quick spotting in quite horrible light, we went for a nice lunch at Terminal 2 before returning to the arrivals. After 3 pm, these weren’t using the northern runway any longer so we went straight to famous Myrtle Ave. Of course, Heathrow just doesn’t get boring with planes arriving from all over the world such as this Boeing 757 of Air Astana.

The new spot at Myrtle actually allowed for some more variety in motives. For the arrival of Korean Air’s Boeing 747-8 from Seoul I decided to position myself right below the approach path resulting in a picture that really shows the enormous size of the queen of the skies. Impressive when this beast passes just a few feet over your head!

Even though I could continue this topic for ages, it’s once again time to close it for today with one of the last arrivals I caught that day - Malaysian’s A350 inbound from Kuala Lumpur. At least this catch allowed me to sleep a bit longer the next day since I no longer needed to spot this plane on the next morning.

Thanks for visiting this topic! Stay tuned for the last topic from the London meetup weekend tomorrow featuring the remaining BA retro jets as well as some more heavies from around the world. Due to the sheer amount of images it might also be worth following me on my social media channels where I’ll post more images from this weekend as well as from other spotting sessions:


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TL;DR service for @dush19: Actually, I can’t be bothered to continue this any longer but: Planes


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