London Heathrow LHR photos 1.2


Awesome photos. I love that closeup of the BA A380.
@CaptainZac and @Z-Tube you might want to have a look at this.

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Great shots! I’ve actually flown on G-BZHA (the BA 767) many times. It’s been some time since they were retired… how old are those photos?

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a few years

Wow! The EgyptAir B77W fits perfect with the background! Awesome photos!

These photos look amazing for its age. 📸

Great shots!

Really amazing shots! Keep up the hard work:))

How long ago where these taken?
To bad it almost always cloudy there.

When did you take them? Great shots btw!

Love the pics, THAT BA A380 CLOSE UP WAS JUST MIND BLOWING, and good EgyptAir Catch!

i forgot it was a long time ago

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I can tell by the 747’s