London Heathrow Landing

Just a general question. Why is IFATC packing everyone into 27R when we have 27L available. I checked the ATIS and we can land 27R and 27L. No one is on the 27L part of the airport or departing or landing. Any reason for sending everyone to 27R?


Maybe because 27L was used for takeoffs and 27R for landings?

Hey, I suggest to PM the controllers at EGLL to discuss about that, and the will respond when free :)


No, ATIS says Landing Runways 27R and 27L

I don’t believe it’s to bad, I believe the controllers are trying for an efficient flow, there aren’t more then 10 aircraft attempting to land 27R.

That would also mean takeoffs for RW27R and 27L

Your controllers were @Airbus_Driver and @justifyletters. You can send them a message about this directly. If you aren’t fully satisfied with their answers, you can reach out to a supervisor or moderator.


ATIS indicates all runways that can be used but ultimately, it’s the controllers choice to decide if he wants to put all arrivals on a single runway or not. It is what is done in real life too (pre-covid times of course).

And for controllers, it is more efficient to put all arrivals on one runway in order to stack out departures more easily without worrying causing a go around if the next inbound is too close.

As Mateo and BluePanda said, feel free to PM the controllers asking them politely why they chose this particular setting but keep in mind that it is generally more efficient ;)



Ah ok that makes sense, thanks :)

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