London Heathrow - June 12th and 16th, 2019

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so I thought this would be good to get back into it with. I am currently in England and took a couple trips up to Heathrow (June 12th and June 16th) to do some spotting. Unfortunately I missed the meet-up on the 15th, but I did see some IFC members at Myrtle on the 16th (who definitely didn’t recognize me and probably still had no idea I was there). Anyway, here are my shots from various days. Some are better than others, just so I have content for a Part 2 if requested ;).
Photo 1: June 8th (not spotting, but my departure to London Gatwick)
Photo 2: June 12th
Photo 3: June 16th
Photo 4: June 16th
Photo 5: June 12th
Photo 6: June 16th
Photo 7: June 16th
Photo 8: June 16th
Photo 9: June 12th
Photo 10: June 16th

Let me know what you guys think, and if you want a Part 2! Constructive feedback is welcome :)


Awesome photos! Make as many parts as you want, I’d love to see all of them.


Wow Cameron! Love the Cathay especially.

Also congrats on front page JP with that Egyptair

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Thanks man! Probably the one I’m most proud of.

And glad to see you were paying attention haha.

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Beautiful pics! I love seeing them!

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Ahhhhh… they’re gorgeous! Fantastic work, Cameron.

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Not so awesome weather, but awesome shots. Can’t wait to see some more awesome heavy shots 🙃

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The first one looked like it was taken in IF love the pictures I would love to spot at EGLL someday it sounds really cool

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Lol yeah I see what you mean. And it is a great airport. I hadn’t been there before either.

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Really great pics there! Kinda sad we were spotting at the same time but missed us… also congrats for making it no.1 on Jetphotos on Monday just some tight 1000 views ahead of my 3rd place 380 from Munich 😂


Thanks man! My family decided to go to a cricket game the meet-up day. Funnily enough we were directly under the approach path to LHR. Oh well.

Haha yeah I saw that. I was wondering if you would see this and notice, which apparently you did lol. Front page is an achievement no matter what though so props to you for it anyway. Mine only did as well as it did because it had a new sticker on the front. I was so surprised to see it get like 2k views in the first day.

Haha, sometimes it’s really interesting what jetphotos user look at, I actually didn’t consider my shot that outstanding. Actually managed to rank no.1 once when I got the first image of Lufthansa’s -XJ

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Amazing as always my guy.

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Thanks fam

Uuuh…look who I “lost” against once again 👀 Nice to see the 380 in the top 4!


Haha I checked here just to see if you’d mentioned it. Number one now ;)

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