London Heathrow International Airport (EGLL)

These photos were from when I was waiting to takeoff on runway 27L at London Heathrow International Airport(EGLL).

Aircraft: A321-200
Server: Training
Total Flight Time: 7:40
Final Cruising Altitude: 32,000 Feet
Speed: Mach 0.80


I am going to be that guy.

Delete that as is clearly says too:) Nice pictures.


Thank you!

Wow! This looks pretty organized for a training server! Also nice pictures

especially London Heathrow

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Yes, the line for takeoff was very organized and everyone followed ATC instructions!

Should I be that guy too?? Mach 0.80 is too fast, more like Mach 0.78 and the 321 doesn’t do transatlantic. That route would be a 777 or 747. Great photos, and glad training server actually went well👍🏼

The aircraft was heavy and the A321 Mach speed ranges from 0.78 to 0.82. And the EGLL-KPHL was a route by Delta operated by a 757, and the A321 is good substitute for that aircraft. And the A321 does do transatlantic flights!

You are right, BA operates an A318 from KJFK-EGLC i think it’s ICAO is:) but nice pictures glad you had a good experience👍

Edit: Don’t know why i put KLAX, they fly from JFK-London city in the A318

Thank you, and thanks for being respectful to other people’s post and not judging them!

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Here’s the thread to vote on to do the trip in a 75 instead of using the 321. How am I not respectful? I was merely pointing out the fact that the 321 cruises at 0.78 and almost never does transatlantic

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BA uses an A318 though.

Yea but this is out of T4 not T7 where BA has all their planes go as that’s their terminal i believe

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surprisingly no trolls on TS1 at EGLL! u were really lucky @InfiniteFlight48 btw nice pics

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Planes holding short definitely don’t look organized… classic.

bro lets jus be grateful they even took the time out of their day to hit the brakes and wait XD

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