London Heathrow Fly-Out


London Heathrow Airport also known by its ICAO code EGLL and its IATA code LHR , is a major international airport located in London, England .

Event Information

Airport Name & ICAO: Heathrow Airport (EGLL)

Event Type: Fly-In / Flyout

Server: Expert Server



ATC Frequency Controller Username
London Heathrow Ground @CaptainBailey_T
London Heathrow Tower @CaptainBailey_T
London Heathrow Atis @CaptainBailey_T
London Heathrow Approach -
London Heathrow Departure -
London Heathrow Center -

All IFATC members are more than welcome to control Heathrow Airport.


You can choose any route you want given that it is flown IRL!

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There will be no gate assignment but we do ask that you use realistic terminals to make the event more enjoyable!

Terminal 2:

Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Air Algerie, Air Canada, Air China, Air India, Air Mauritius, Air Serbia, ANA, Arik Air, Asiana Airlines, Austrain, Avianca, Azerbaijan Airlines, Beijing Capital Airlines, Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Blue Air, Brussles Airlines, Bulgaria Air, China Airlines, China Eastern, Croatia Airlines, Czech Airlines, Egyptair, Ethiopian Airlines, Eurowings, Eva Air, Flybe, Garuda Indonesia, Gulf Air, Hainan Airlines, Icelandair, JetBlue, Loganair, LOT, Lufthansa, SAS, Saudia, Shenzhen Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Sky Express, South African Airways, SpiceJet, Swiss, TAP, Tarom, Thai Airways, Tianjin Airlines, Turkish Airlines, United Airlines, Wideroe

Terminal 3:

Aeromexico, Air France, Bamboo Airways, British Airways (select flights only), Cathay Pacific Airways, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Finnair, Iberia Express (select flights only), Japan Airlines, Jazeera, LATAM, MEA, Philippine Airlines, Qantas, Royal Brunei Airlines, Royal Jordanian, Rwandair, Sri Lankan Airlines,Virgin Atlantic, Vistara, WestJet

Terminal 4:

Qatar, Etihad Airways, Kenya Airways, Korean Air, Royal Brunei, Air Malta, EI AI, ITA Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Malaysian Airlines, Oman Air, Royal Air Maroc, Vietnam Airlines, Uzbekistan Airlines, Tunisair

Terminal 5:

British Airways (most flights depart from Terminal 5 yet some depart from Terminal 3), Vueling, Iberia, Iberia Express

GUIDE TO Heathrow Airport


☑ Please mark ✔️Going if you are attending the event.
☑ Any directions from ATC must be followed.
☑ Minumum separation of 5 nautical miles horizontal and 1000ft vertical must be adhered to at all times.
☑ Please follow IFATC instructions if present to avoid unnecessary violations. In case of the absence of IFATC please ensure proper use of UNICOM. follow all expert server rules. Most importantly, have fun!

Our Partners:

To get into a partnership, please private message me on @Magician



Hey Rohann, if I may have the honour of taking GTS.

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Sure thing @CaptainBailey_T, you are signed up with the privilege of controlling Ground + Tower and obviously Atis at the one and only London Heathrow 😊😊😊

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Thank you, what a privilege indeed 😂

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Sounds fun! I’ll plan on doing BA49 - EGLL to KSEA in a BA 787-10

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Hope to see you at the event 👋

I hope to see me there also haha. Schedules crazy this time of year but I’ll do my best

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What Does The Name London Stands For?

What you think today of an amazing city has a long and not completely known history. Some standing theories state that London was first built from Romans around 50 AD. The origin of its name has also a puzzling history. During history, London used to have different names including Londonium, Ludenwic, Ludenberg. The most accepted version is that the name for London has derived from the old Celtic word “Londinous” which means to be bold.


London Is The Center Of The World

Well, sort of. And specifically, that’s Greenwich. This historic area is where you’ll find the Royal Observatory. This defines 0° longitude (i.e., the Prime Meridian) and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

That’s what you probably know as Coordinated Universal Time or UTC, but GMT predates this term by over 300 years.


The Place where i lived for about 10 years of my life and i walked through and went to that park nearly everyday going to school or there with friends. Oh the memories I’ve got from that park alone and Greenwich as a whole. Visited the Observatory there at the top, on school trips many times taught us all so much you could never learn sitting in a classroom. And of course you get a fairly decent view of London and the planes on approach to LHR (if your interested in that sort of thing) 😂.

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London’s Food Scene Is Amazing

English food has a bad reputation. Like, not good. But go to London, and you’ll be met with cuisine from all over the world served everywhere, from ramshackle eateries to high-end fine dining establishments. Literally – you want it, you got it.


hearing Gordon Ramsay say THIS IS (insert whatever word you want) RAW!!! Flashbacks at the 5 star Michelin restaurant’s

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But man food in London is good 😀

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Not only good, it’s the best!!!


Straight facts.

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The London Underground escalators travel the distance of the circumference of the earth each week!

Every week, the escalators on the London Underground travel the equivalent distance of going twice around the world. There are over 450 escalators of different lengths travelling at a standard travel 0.75 m/sec, which means that they cover over 80,000 km each week.



I’ll be doing the infamous EK2 EGLL-OMDB

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@Magician Hey Man. On behalf of FedEx Virtual Group could I please reserve 10 Gates at this Flyout.

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Hey @NathanPreuss, this is an event open to all members of IFC thus, your Virtual Airline pilots can spawn at any cargo gates.

Hope to see you at London Heathrow