London Heathrow Filled Up

Today I flew from Sofia, Bulgaria to Heathrow. Flight time was 3 hours 20 minutes. I landed at the same time the flash flight from Heathrow to Zurich was going on so it was very busy.

1-3. Departure from Sofia

  1. On my first attempt of landing on runway 27L, there was an Air India 777 who started rolling down the runway while I was on short final

  1. Go around Picture #1

  1. Go around picture #2

  1. About 10 minutes later, I’m on final for runway 27L again and there’s still a ton of traffic

  1. Touchdown runway 27L

  1. Long line of aircraft waiting to depart 27L

  1. Traffic jam

I would have added more pictures from the actual flight if the limit wasn’t 10. The flight was really fun with some cool scenery after departure so I recommend this route. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for taking a look.

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(I forgot to add picture 10 and it won’t let me edit the poll)


I never tried to jump in the crazy traffic at EGLL but it was crazy when I was looking at LiveFlight. Nice shots also!


you forgot to put picture ten in the vote, but that is hands down my favorite

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Oops im blind. Thanks though