London Heathrow - Dubai | Emirates A380-800

This flight was on Thursday 13th of July from Heathrow to Dubai. My first expert server flight in a year.

Aircraft Route and Details

Aircraft: A388 (A380-800)
Airline: Emirates
Callsign: Emirates 2 Super
Route: EGLL - OMDB
Flight Time: 6h 45mins
Server: Expert

Terminal 3 at Heathrow alongside a British Airways A380 and Infinite flight A350

Departing Runway 27L at Heathrow

Bird’s eye view of the departure

Turning over France toward the Alps. About 24km (14.9 miles) north of Troyes

Cruising over the Alps in Switzerland about 9.3km (5.8 miles) South of Chur

Over the Adriatic Sea and in the background you can see the Croatian city of Zadar and the Dinaric Alps

Sunset over Greece

Skipping to final approach runway 30R at Dubai International

Taxiing to the gate and an Emirates 777-300ER is taking-off runway 30L.

Parked at Terminal 3 concourse A with another Emirates A380 and a couple of 777s in the background



Oohh what a nice pictures we are having here!!! Amazing job, congratulations for your first flight, is always a pleasure to fly,

Wish you the best landings and luck,


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Thanks boss

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Your welcome @TransportForLife !



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How did you get the re-worked A380 already? Just joking, but these look great

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Thanks man