London Heathrow Community Meetup 2022

Thanks everyone! Glad you enjoyed it 😊 Until next time… right? Let’s do another meet-up at some point for sure


Great to pop down and meet everyone ☺️


landed back in Zurich after an Aircraft change and a 50min delay waiting for takeoff slot✌🏽
great weekend is over, thanks again everyone


As I currently travel back on the long train journey from Geneva airport towards Basel and admire the view, I would like to thank @Dan and Infinite Flight for a great day out. Whilst it was quite far to come for the day, it was worth every second. It was great to meet people I haven’t seen in almost 3 years to all the new people I have seen on the forum, but never spoke to in real life before.

I’ve said this many times before, Infinite Flight Isn’t just a flight simulator, it’s also a big community of people coming from all over the world. I’m glad we can all share the same passion!

I can wait for the next community event and if anyone is ever in Switzerland send me a DM and I’m always happy to meet up!

See you all around the forum or In the virtual skies of Infinite Flight!


Guys yesterday when this was inbound alot of ppl are tracking it is it because of this event

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I don’t think 1,564 people were at the meet up tracking this flight.


But that would mean you have to close Microsoft visual studio on discord 😮

Maybe @LTFM 🤓

I am coming if it is at LTFM :D

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Especially me too 🤤

Saying goodbye to the UK yesterday afternoon :)


I’m not a professional photographer but here’s 2 taken by my phone.


BigJetTV was also streaming at the same time

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Yea I assume that’s why so many ppl are tracking it

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Can’t believe you actually flew it in the X-cub lol. Legend for that

Kinda surprised that we haven’t had very many spotting topics from this.