London Heathrow Community Meetup 2022

Hello everyone! We are excited to announce another IN-PERSON community meetup at London Heathrow airport on Saturday 17th September 2022 and we would love to see you there! This thread will provide you will all of the information you need to know about this event. So if you are considering attending, please take a moment to read through all of the details!

For those attending, this thread will also be regularly be updated in the live updates section. We would also recommend keeping up to date on our Instagram for updates on our story, especially on the day of the meet.


Date & Time

We will be at London Heathrow between 11am to 5pm BST, that’s 1000Z to 1600Z.


Please view the live updates section below for full details!


Before setting off on your journey to LHR, it is important to check that you’re well equipped for the day out. Essentials such as food & drinks are a great starting point. It’s very important that you stay hydrated and eat throughout the day. Some of the spotting locations are grassy so bring a blanket of some sort if you want to take a seat at any point and relax. You may even want to consider a rain coat because, well… it’s the UK. Hopefully it will be nice and sunny. Oh, and don’t forget a camera!

Travel & spotting

For travel information and how to get to Heathrow, head to Journey planner | Heathrow
For spotting information go to London Heathrow Spotting Guide -
To get to Heathrow terminals & other bus stops around the airport, Heathrow operates their own bus service at a small cost.

If you are driving to LHR, please pre-plan your journey and have a plan in mind when it comes to parking. Some spotting locations do not offer a great deal of space for parking at all. Alternatively, you can use one of Heathrow’s car parks. Heathrow parking | Heathrow

Travel delays

Please note that public transport may be busier than usual, especially in London. This is due to the unfortunate passing of HM the Queen. TfL have advised customers to avoid Green Park Tube station due to the high numbers of customers passing through. Other stations expected to be busier include: Westminster, Charing Cross, Embankment, Victoria, Waterloo, St James’s Park, Lancaster Gate, Hyde Park Corner and Marble Arch. Walking, Tube and rail will be the best way to get around during this time, but please make sure you plan you journey ahead of time! We recommend allowing more time for your journeys just in case you run into any disruptions.

Food, drinks & facilities

As mentioned above, eating and staying hydrated is important! There are many places to grab lunch at LHR so do not worry if you haven’t brought anything! Of course you have the terminals, fuel stations and other places around the perimeter of the airport.

For your convenience, we will provide details of the closest facilities to our meeting points in the live updates section.

Additional info

Please take care of yourself and others around you. Heathrow is surrounded by busy roads and is a fast paced environment. Noises above 85dB can cause hearing damage so if you wish, bring hearing protection. Ages under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Masks are optional but welcome at the meet. Attendees are encouraged to respect their peers’ personal choices.

Please regularly check for live updates, especially on the day!


Updated 17/09/2022 at 7:34am BST
Final Details

It’s time!

We’re pleased to announce that RWY 27R will be used for arrivals today until 3pm BST. Everything you need to know is down below…

Meeting point:

Our first spotting location will be the Heathrow Viewing Stand
We will be here at 11am BST waiting for you all to arrive. After watching some arrivals, we will then make our way down to the end of RWY 27R where the planes will fly directly overhead. The Heathrow Viewing Stand also has a small car park for those driving. If you are travelling by bus, the two closest stops are Mondial Way (stop BL) & Hatton Road North (stop K). Busses that run to this location are: 90, 285, 423, 555, 81,105, 111, 222, 278, 285, N9, N140.

If you are travelling via the tube, we recommend getting off at Terminals 2 & 3. From here you can catch a bus to one of the stations above. Alternatively, you could disembark the tube at Hatton Cross and walk around the eastern perimeter to the viewing stand.

The most convenient facilities are a five minute walk away. If you need to use the toilet or need food, there’s a McDonald’s just around the corner.


At 1:30pm BST we will go for lunch. You are welcome to venture off at any point of course! This is just when us staff will go. There are plenty of places to grab something to eat. Whether that be somewhere in one of the terminals or somewhere around the airport!


After lunch we will make our way to Myrtle Avenue for 3pm BST where we will watch the arrivals on 27L until 5pm!

There isn’t a great deal of parking at this location so please keep this in mind if you are driving to this event. The closest bus stop to this location is Myrtle Avenue. Busses: 203, H25, H26.

In terms of facilities, just around the corner there’s a BP fuel station which has toilets and a subway!

If you are struggling to locate us at any point, we will be sharing our exact location here between 11-5pm BST. View location here!

Weather forecast: Sunny, lows of 6°C highs of 17°C

To summarise: Heathrow usually switches runways at 3pm. 27R should be in use until three where they’ll then switch to 27L.

Please note that the info above is subject to change throughout the day.



EasyJet (Paris LFPG → London EGKK)

Eurostar (seat modified)

See you soon at Heathrow. I’m super excited to meet you all!
Let’s hope for some sunshine :D


This sounds like a lot of fun!

Even though I can’t attend, hope you guys have a blast in LHR!


@A-FitzGerald thats dedication right there 😯


Booked them in less than 30sec, can you believe it :O


I would have loved to attend but I’m already coming to London in October.

Please reschedule 🙏🥺


Have fun and hope to see some nice pictures of y’all and of what you’ll get to see!

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I guess I got to book a ticket from LAX to EGLL :p

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Hopefully I’m allowed to go!

Ah, that brings back memories to the 2019 LHR Meet-Up. If you’re able to go, definitely consider it! Always nice to meet other community members; 2019 was fun! 🙌

I won’t be able to make it this time. I just checked the flight ticket prices for that day and unfortunately, I still need my kidney.

Enjoy! 😍🇬🇧


LAX?? anytime soon

I could make do with just one kidney. After all, we have two so we can sell one!


I’ll do my best to be there. The one in 2019 was good fun.

Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, that’s a new one.


Shame all the trains are sold out from my city to London 😥

Federal Territory. All other states have no jurisdiction over this city and other land claimed as a Federal Territory.


Skipping school will never fell better 😈


For sure I will be coming. I live in London and this is my perfect opportunity to have fun rather than plane spotting by myself

Bro I’m in Praha right now and I’m leaving to London tomorrow 😫

first class kinda life be like.