London Heathrow Community Meet Up


Wish I could go on Speedbird 2276 but it is expensive…


Just remember, this meetup is a six-hour thing as the post mentions. I won’t dampen anyone’s day, but if you want to spend considerable money and a roundtrip across the Atlantic about twice as long as said timeframe, then be my guest.

For my U.S. acquaintances, something on the scale of Cosford would be a better use of your time and hard-earned dough. Feel free to throw this unsolicited advice in the trash if you wish. Enjoy! :D


So this is interesting. I have family in the U.K., so I will actually be in “London” (Sussex, but most people wouldn’t know where that is I’m assuming) while this happens. On the Gatwick side of things, so I’d have to potentially suffer through the M25 (has been a 4 hour drive one-way before). If I can figure out a way to get up there, I’ll go. If I can’t, I’ll suffer through being 80 miles away.

It’s a good excuse to spot at Heathrow though lol. I gotta get that in at some point.


Looks like my next trip to the UK can be planned xD but it would be very hard, under 18 and traveling alone into the UK isnt that easy, Spain or France would be easier.

Possibly I will be able to fly to LHR


I wish I could come but I’m on the other side of the world. 😢 Hi, from the 🇺🇸



This is the day after I finish my exams! This is gonna be awesome - ill be there.

I live 1hr30min (approx.) from Heathrow so hopefully I won’t have to get up too early since it will be the first day of my 11-week summer holiday lol


4 hours round the M25? Not sure I’d survive that. Take the train - if you book in advance (via you can sometimes get some dirt cheap fares. For you in Sussex, it’ll be simple enough to get up to London (probably about 30m - 1h30 depending on where you are, and then out using TfL Rail/Heathrow Express from Paddington (20/30m), or the slower (1h from central London) but cheaper Piccadilly line.


Two hours on the train… Hmmmm why not.


I’m crying on my knees in front of dad, but he loves traveling so maybe I’ll come! 🥳


23 hours of flying across the globe, including stop overs! Why not… 😂

Maybe one day, something might be organised for us Australian and NZ IF lovers!


Outstanding idea, have put it in the diary!


I’d love that!


A suggestion would be a meet up at the Avalon Airshow one year!


Nice! I’ll most likely be there.


Might actually be a great way to spend my miles


Was seriously considering it, only to figure out I have a previously scheduled appointment on that afternoon that I can’t reschedule. 😢 Hope you guys have a most awesome time! Will very much miss being there.


Me as well. Me as well.


Hopefully catch up in October if the expo happens again at Cosford :)


I found a beautiful route with Delta to get there, but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be able to make it. Too far from the US! The route is as follows if anyone is interested (Virgin Atlantic A346 and B744 KLM!!!) Costs nearly 2,000 USD though. If anyone has that laying around I would be happy to take it off your hands!!!


Way to expensive. You can get to London at those dates for less than USD 1‘000.-. All you have to do is compare your options.

Here: You could take Delta DL5489 from Cincinnati to Toronto and then Air Transat TS471 to London-Gatwick. Not Heathrow but I bet the train ride from LGW to LHR is cheaper than USD 1’000.-