London Heathrow Community Meet Up


You can use Apple Pay, contactless card and Oyster lol


@Ecoops_123 correction: any contactless bank/credit card works with the London Underground/ Taxi’s and most buses nowadays. You just tap them like an Oyster card. I live in Leeds but travel to London a lot for business and I use my contactless debit card for public transport :D


I live 43 miles away from london, I could come…
If I had parent permission :\


Ill be there!


Uni teenager’s bottle necks: money and time 😥


Im over in the UK in June from the 13th to August the 4th so maybe if I have some spare time I should be able to pay a visit 👀


I’ll probably be there, Will probably book a Flybe DASH-8 From LHR to the Isle of Man for the return trip 👍🏻


Lol, I’m sorry I live in Hastings and don’t have a Pret sandwich/baguette every lunchtime, along with an afternoon Starbucks, then sharing what you just ate earlier that day with everyone else on the underground. 😂 I did that Tuesday. And of course because my mum used her debit card and phone to pay. 🤦‍♂️, back to Vancouver I go, I’d still prefer that. Maybe one day I’ll fly from London to Vancouver, speaking of which, my first flight lesson is tommorow.


I’m in Malaga, can’t make it :(


Is everyone allowed to come?


I may look into this!


When more info comes ill Ask my parents


Yep! The more the merrier 🙂


There won’t be much more info apart from the above!


There’s dinner involved right? That’s an important question to ask ;)


Details then;)


you are aware this is a meetup irl XD


I was just saying if it was like an IF event it couldnt be in TS1😂


Have to start saving up the cash though


Yeah of course