London Heathrow Community Meet Up


Cool! Want to go but too far north!



Thank you for the info and the invitation with other members of the Infinite Flight community. I’m really going To think about trying to be there today…Looking forward To hearing more about this.

Regards Emmanuel

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Looks like we could be on the same flights, if I go :)


It could be three people on that flight.


Yeah, i’m not making it. I’m going to be on my Camp with the RCAF. If you guys ever come to Toronto, @MishaCamp the other mods better tell me first


Hmmm. It takes around 7 hours to reach London from Boston, add to the fact I have to drive an hour (depending on traffic) down to Boston to fly there, and the cost of flying is expensive, but would make for a nice trip to the UK. 🤔🤔🤔. Wow, $886. Maybe someday I’ll go to London.

When you make another community meetup in London again, hopefully JetBlue will make fares cheaper


Hi. How is everyone. ? My first time on the comunity. I would definitely be interested in meeting you all. I’ll keep the date free and hope to see you soon.


We’d love to have you come out and have some fun with us all 🌎


Id love to come to London and meet DasMarc, If i do tho i must sleep at a hotel 2 nights since no flights would line up very well with the event :(


OMG this is my chance, I live in Hastings, and spend most of my day playing IF. only problem is I doubt my parents will allow this lol, and I look 16 but am 14…


If you ever go to London, just note how many planes, trains, boats, and cars you see. 5 International airports, and 3 regional in London, non stop trains, that is how you travel, boats across the river, and cars, with like a million red London buses.


Bring them along! All welcome 🙂


I can actually make this one without that much hassle…

Great Northern train from Cambridge to King’s Cross and then the Piccadilly to London Heathrow!


My school doesn’t get out until July and the cost of everything would probably be pretty expensive but I will try again some other time:)


I think I need a minimum of at least $4,000 (£3,057) in US currency for hotel, flights, food, and public transit for me to have fun in London and to meet @MishaCamp


will there ever be a KCLT meet up


Are you flying First Class…?

A decent hotel (let’s say Hilton) is about £200/night… unless you’re dining at Novikov you can’t spend more than £85 on food 😂.

Public transit is dirt cheap, it’s about £3 from Central London to Heathrow on the Piccadilly.


Are IF doing Flight Sim show at RAF Cosford again this year ?


Just as I make the move to America you come to U.K. 😂


If you ever do go to London. You can’t pay for public transport with cash, most even debit cards. You need something called an oyster card which basically is a debit card for ANY type of transportation in London. You can’t survive without it, good thing is it delivers anywhere in the world. Hint: catch the Underground, because taxis and buses are out of this world expensive.