London Heathrow Community Meet Up


Ah then apologies. Thought there was something else


Damn its gonna be expensive for going to London one day… I‘ll keep it in my mind for sure☺️ Hope to see y’all there ❤️


It’s a spotters meeting?


There will be the opportunity for some spotting as well as some time to chill out and meet some of the great people in the community in person.


If it was last June, I could have made it :) Right now, I don’t have the money to travel 8,000 km. I live in Canada, so I wont be able to make it.
Hopefully I win the lottery for the next meat up :)


Just saying, this meetup may or may not feature a VIP A380 flypast from your 6th favourite moderator… 🤷


Bum, i leave on the 13th (June) to spend some time in Canada with family and friends and don’t return until the 18th.
i’ll post flight info 2 weeks before my departure


I don’t understand 😂


Wish i could come but i will be flying the EL AL 787 from LAS-TLV To Visit family around that time


I wish I could go but I still have school at that time


Won’t be at this meet up! But y’all can more than likely expect me at Oshkosh 2019:)


It is a Saturday!


Is this IRL or in IF?


Will Oshkosh be like some other events you’ve been at where people can test upcoming features? I am 75% sure I’m going to be there, and will NOT pass up a chance to come meet the IF team!


Since I’m out of school, I’ll see what I can do ;)


In real life. Only real life meet ups will be posting in #announcements 🙂


I’ll be there hopefully!! Great idea to organise something like this!


Awesome! I look forward to seeing you there 🛬


I’ll be in London in July :(
One month off


See you guys in 62 days 😊