London Heathrow Community Meet Up

Would’ve loved to come. A direct 2hrs 30min flight with BA or SAS would get me there easily, but… the prices… hmm, they don’t look worth it this time. I can pay for the ticket, I can fly back forth at least 20 times, but the prices are on their way up during June 15th which is not for my liking.

On a different note, I do plan on travelling around Sweden this summer by train, so I will probably not even be close to an airport with a flight to LHR :P

I expect to see threads, where people tell about their experiences and all, looking forward to reading your story :)


As the community grows, I’m sure, Misha, Jason and the team will organise many more Meet-ups like these all across the world.


We have 2 huge events we are attending in North America this summer, Oshkosh being the largest.


I can’t. My parents would probably say no because they don’t really know what IFC are, also I have a soccer match and is only 15 years old, but it would have been Super Awesome to meet @MishaCamp

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A nice NA meetup would be Nice. Seems like the NA/SA community is left out a lot

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If your parents ever have questions above events like these, they can contact me directly here, or via email at!


I wouldn’t say we’ve been left out.

There has been some meet-ups at some flight-expos, and many other meet-ups.

Not left out but there seems to more but community things for EU members

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Even though I won’t be going because Asia, I love seeing these meetups. I find it amazing to meet people based on a game, the pictures are great. Fingers crossed I can go to a IRL event one day. The ambiance of these meetups makes me hyped up. I hope that IF’ers enjoy this event!


I would like to know what you’re referring to by that tbh. We’ve done one thing in Europe so far. All the other things have been in the US :)


My wife is going to love this:
“Sorry, but the only flights home I can find from Orlando are the weekend after Flightsimexpo and route through London.”


I would love to go! But I can’t really go all the way to England. @MishaCamp is there plans for more meetups in the US?

Maybe next time then!

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We have 2 USA based events this summer alone, so yes, there are!


Estimated price is around 4500kr :)

Where is the other event at? Hopefully, it’s near me so I can make it. :) :)

That one I hope to be at!

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Wasn’t there one at a flight sim expo not to long ago on a RAF base and another one before that? 🤷🏼‍♂️

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There was only RAF Cosford, where we went to an expo. Just as we did in Vegas last year, and we have two additional US events planned this summer.


I might have an excuse for coming to London now! MSP-LHR is only a 7 hour flight!