London Heathrow Community Meet Up


Well, will there be people aged 15-14 I feel I’ll be the only teenager


Yeah, I am a US citizen and the last time I went to the UK was pretty recent in November, so I was just wondering 😃


Anyone have an extra 1001 USD to fly me out?

just kidding, hope to meet you all another day :)


Being 15 imma speak to my parents but I’m not going to lie I don’t think I’m going to convince people who are already sceptical of me being on here (I’ve told them how great of a community it is but…) i’ll Try


There are plenty of teenagers here, you won’t be the only one :)


If only! Perhaps I can persuade Laura 😉


We’ll have plenty of people around that age, don’t worry! Feel free to bring anyone you wish such as family members too if you would like to feel more comfortable 🙂


Gimme visa ;(


@Brandon_Philpot we go together 😂


Can’t make it 😞


One question to those who’ve been to such Meet Ups before:

Is it recommended to stay over night or is it finished when it’s finished at 1600Z? 🧐😇


Okay, so I found three flights? Anyone willing to pay my airfare? You can PM me if you are up to it 🙃😉

Yes, I know the dates aren’t accurate


Lol I totally agree with you!


Depends if you want to make a trip out of it! The centre of London is between 15 minutes and 1 hour away depending on how you get there.

I personally always say make a trip out of it, but that’s just me!


Oh cool I live in London so I can come over to Vauxhall,London and meet-up


I won’t be able to make it working late 😔


Here is my suggestion: Community meet up in Atlanta


I’ll be there


Community meetup in Stockholm


Maybe in the future, make it somewhere in America, and I should make it, because this one is probably meant for all European IFC users, since it’ll cost me a bit to travel to Lodnon.

I’m excited to see everyone’s stories when it happens.