London Heathrow Community Meet Up


If you guys get me the plane tickets I will give you Norwegian Chocolate, Stockfish, water (we have the best water in the world lol) and some other things:) I will not bring snow since it is just going to melt :(


The fact that so many people all over the world would be willing to fly to London just for a Meet Up of a couple hours is astonishing. What a community.


Why not the redeye?


Yes, we are, Mark :)

For anyone who’s interested, here are the planned real world events we have scheduled so far where you’ll be able to meet and hang out with Infinite Flight team members:

In the past, we have organized times over the course of these events to meet and mingle with staff and other members of the community. We will very likely continue to do this since it’s always a great time to meet other IFC family members!

Hope to see you out this year, and of course, we’ll post details about other events separately at the appropriate time.

Now, back to the event discussion at hand :)


Thanks for the invitation.

I will try my best to take 16-JUN-19 as a leave, so I can attend and meet all the active members.

AUH - LHR (Etihad Airways A380)
LHR - AUH (Etihad Airways A380)
Class Travel: First or Business Class

Lol 😁👍


Cant wait see you in October


I might be on the same flight when Incan arrange to be there


That would make for of us then. @Chris_Wing and @Nick_Wing will most likely be on the same flight as well 😊


Cosford with @Scott_Ellis_Paddon and a hilarious Hotel Expirience is gonna happen again this year… just this time a Hotel story in a kinda positive Way :D


Scott told me I have to shave if I come visit, I’ve decided I am not


who are you? and don`t listen to @Scott_Ellis_Paddon he made the worst Hotel expirience happen I ever had in my lifetime… haha


Call me crazy… I just booked a Hotel in Birmingham. I can still cancel it free of charge. But if I enjoy London you can count me in for Cosford this year as well 😃

I’m just a little excited if you haven’t noticed.


i was there last year, great expirience






I just like early flights lol


I think we Will Need badges. How do we create them ?


I Hope i’ll get money until then. In also coming


The only problem is that im italian so i dont speak english very well . Please be kind!


We need ourselves a Colorado meet up. Maybe a western-US meetup. Everything seems to be on the east side 😔