London Heathrow Community Meet Up


That’s more doable for me


Oh. Do able. I pronounced it wrong. @RotorGuy, You should come down sometime.


Have a good time bruthas


Will be able to come if I convince my parents!


Since we already have Swiss chocolate promised, what should I bring from Bavaria? Just check in a barrel of beer? 🤔


I live in London, so hopefully I’ll just be able to get on the Piccadilly line and head down to Heathrow, I hope I have the time!


Can you send me some chocolate? I have no friends, which is why I am on here 24/7.


Yes please and I can give you a Swiss beer 😂


For chocolate please consult @DasMarc, he’s the Swiss guy 🤷🏼‍♂️ My country is famous for beer, Bratwurst and sauerkraut (+cars and Autobahn but that’s difficult to get on a plane I guess)


Would have loved to attend! But unfortunately, I live in Sydney and looks like we won’t get to see the team just yet or anytime soon. Sounds like fun to the people that will attend! Good luck and have fun! :D


@DasMarc Can you mail me some swiss chocolates?


I’m moving to Oxford for educational purposes in September, if only the event were a couple of months later!


I want to go but I’m scared I’ll be the only 21 year old there 🤣🤣


You are around the age of misha and cam along with a few others. The community is extremely diverse so don’t worry :)


How about a New York meetup doesn’t that sound fun


Ah, darn, right after direct flights start too. Very tempting @MishaCamp. Very tempting. I might try if I didn’t have to work…

We could always try a Pittsburgh one, I mean we have ERJ’s? 😂

(Or 787s, 777s, C-17s, if you’re some weird person who prefers that to the extremely rare, and ilusive 737… 😜)


Don’t worry. I’m 21 as well 😊


Ah I’m going to Heathrow 2 week before this meet up. Have fun guys!


one word…:



Not bad, actually…

Unfortunately looks like i’ll have to miss school if im gonna leave on Friday to get these prices…

Ah, thats not gonna happen…