London Heathrow Community Meet Up


Hey Everyone!

We are happy to announce another Infinite Flight Community meet up! For this event, we’ll head across the pond to London Heathrow, meeting some of our most active community members in Europe and beyond in person. We would love to see you there!

We’ll keep you updated with more details as the time nears. Keep June 15th 2019 free! Hopefully the summer weather will make for a few great photographs. Head to the blog post below for all the details.

For travel information and how to get to Heathrow, aircraft excluded, head to For spotting information go to

Misha on the move
Toronto Meetup? I'm curious.
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If only I wasn’t a broke teenager 😭
Tbh: my parents would probably say yes, except I may be going to Oshkosh so they would probably say no. Also, I have camp 😒


Won’t be able to come as I will be preparing to move up to PDX during that time

would be nice to fly SJC-LHR with BA though


I might be able to make it, will try my best.


Maybe i’ll persuade my parents to go😂

Come to NY next time!😂



Might be worth the day trip. Don’t even need to stay overnight.

And booked 😊


Are you sure you need a UK citizenship? The reason I ask if because I have been to LHR 3 times before…

Anyways, I’d have loved to come, but I’ll be flying somewhere else for Summer! And on the Delta CS100 to either SLC or SEA from SJC!


I would have to convince my parents to go to the U.K. on my own 😂 Would be like an 8 hour flight but not bad

Would love to, but maybe next time when it’s closer to home :)


The thing beginning with B and ending with t


OMG! 😁

On the 15th of June, I will be heading to Paris le Bourget Air Show! Before that I will be able to meet you on the way! This is unbelievable. I am going to mark this date!!

Just a question @MishaCamp will you all be heading to the Le Bourget Air Show too?


That is what I thought, just didn’t want to say it since it is political


Ah great event! Sadly I will not be here for this one, but I already got tickets booked for Airventure 2019, so I’ll see y’all there!


I don’t have the money for air travel,so what if I walked to London? Just to keep it simple my entire adventure would include planes, trains, automobiles and of course walking. I roughly estimate that you would walk about a total of about 10,000 km. You could walk 42 km per day at a rate of 5km an hour, which would take you about 8 hours. That means you would have about 239 days of walking.

So I probably can’t make it.


Whoops, either way, I still can’t come

Can’t spend money for an airplane ticket just to see IFC irl

I could use that money for better things


You might see me there


You don’t need UK citizenship to enter the UK (for most western countries, you can visit for tourism without a visa). Brexit hasn’t had any impact :)


I should be able to come :) I can’t wait


Of course its worth it!

Great to see another meet up in the UK. What a great way to start the summer off.


Hope to see a big number of folks there, booking this at the end of the month :)