London Heathrow-Busy Manchester

Hello IFC! Today the UK was featured and I decided to take a short little flight. It was quite busy today, which made for some cool screenshots. Hope y’all enjoy!

Flight Details

Airline/Airline: British Airways A319
Flight time: 1 hour
Server: Expert

Clear skies as we take off from London!

After a very short flight, we begin our decent and approach into Manchester

On final for runway 23R as an Air Lingus A321 creeps in from behind

Seconds from touchdown as an unrealistic Air China 787 holds short

Exiting the runway as a Delta A330 waits to cross

Taxiing back to the gate as a UPS A330F and an Air France Cargo 777 load up


Nice shots mate!

I was going to fly that route, ended up just controlling because of the flash flight.

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Thank you! I bet controlling was crazy wasn’t it.

The fourth picture is amazing! Hope you enjoyed the scenery!

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Nice one! And cool to see the BA A319 featured!

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Thank you! I sure did :)

Thanks Julian!


Awesome photos! That’s an ollllldddd 777 in the last photo

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Thanks man. Yea it is lol.

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