London Heathrow Approach Holding Question

hello world,

I know this is a question that a Grade 2 would ask, but I really want to know

I heard when holding your should follow the pink holding thing, they say that that is were ATC is telling you to go

but if ATC says hold over present pos, but the pink thing is away, do i hold were i am, or fly over to the pink thing and hold there.

You always hold at the pink ovals

Check this out for more: How to fly a holding pattern

ATC can’t see the pink ovals on their screen but if we see that you are holding , you’re golden


How far is the pink hold?

I am not holding right now

But this did happen yesterday, the pink oval was around a 3-4 min fly over

That’s fine follow the oval. If you get told off or reported, you have proof that you were following instructions

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what pink thingy

You can’t see it unless the radar controller gives you a holding pattern. Check out the tutorial I linked above

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