London heathrow air traffic or car traffic?!

London heathrow at it again,.

why so in hurry?!! i don’t get this,. i know ATC on the training server are not pro but you as a pilot at least try to respect other pilots,. approach controller giving everybody clearance without any heading or altitude instructions and thats fine because this is the training server and the ATC might be still training, but you as a pilot you gotta maintain separation, just look at the traffic in front of you and if its slower than you then you should slow down to maintain separation,.

i know you can speed up to 250 kts below 10000ft but its not really necessary, as you are landing learn the approach and landing speeds for your aircraft don’t just fly at 250/240/220 kts straight to the runway,. you have to gradually reduce your speed during approach all the way to the minimum landing speed, you don’t fly at 250/240/220 kts and suddenly reduce speed to 150 going from flaps 0 to flaps full at once!!

i won’t judge a grade 2 pilot but why a grade 4 a380 pilot who was behind me and on a higher altitude than me somehow go pass me from below straight to the runway at almost 200kts speed!!! i am sorry but i wasn’t even slow for you i was landing at minimum 150 kts on a heavy 773, you were just too fast my friend thats why you couldn’t maintain separation, it was more shocking for me because this was a grade 4 pilot,…

during approach you can see the other aircrafts around you, its should help you know how much of a traffic is heading to the airport and you can also see the departures, you have plenty of time to work with your altitude and speed/descent rate, i often see pilots just fly at 240kts or 220kts very close to the airspace and only then reduce their speed, which is the main reason why at least 50% of the pilots crash landing on top of each other, and thats because their descent rate is very high, you can’t slow down when you are descending like a shooting star! they just fly in short cuts and wanna land as fast as possible they don’t even think about doing a little circle or something to gradually reduce speed and cut down some altitude, no they just go straight for the runway,…

when you go to heathrow you will see pilots treating their aircraft like a car, the traffic is more like a car traffic instead of air traffic because pilots can’t maintain separation if ATC doesn’t give them instructions,.

go through your approach procedures and checklist, if necessary reduce your descent rate, add an extra route to your flight plan just to give you an extra time for a more relaxing approach and most importantly to maintain separation,

my original plan was to land at runway 9R but as i reached my TOD i checked the airport again and 9R was red and all the traffic departures and arrivals were heading to runway 27L and 27R so i switched to 27L cause i have to park at Terminal 4 but as i contact Approach they gave me clearance for 27R at first i thought they hit the wrong button so i waited and requested 27L again but they again give me clearance to 27R at this point i knew Approach is trying to keep runway 27L for departures and 27R for arrivals and i am fine with it i have nothing to lose, i just had to go through the center area of the airport all the way to crossing runway 27L to get to terminal 4,.

and btw there was no ground controller, as Tower was giving takeoff clearances i had to hold position and wait to make the decision of crossing runway 27L at the perfect timing to not mess up the takeoffs!,.

so yeah that was a little briefing about heathrow <.< happy landings ^_^

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Hey @MGM1
Unfortunately, the training server is subject to that type of pilot behavior. As you have figured and the name suggest everyone there is still learning. Actually, even those in the Expert Server are still learning. Also, my opinion, grades show dedication not experience or level of knowledge. If you want less of the unrealistic pilots around you then joining the Expert Server is the route for you.

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I completely agree with @Tajay

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