London Gatwick runway 08L - 26R

I see that IFATC is currently using runway 08L and runway 26R. However, this runway was turned into a taxiway a few years ago so it is not used IRL. Please use runway 08R and runway 26L for takeoffs and landings as I want to be realistic. Thanks


I recommend that you read this topic. It should explain as to why IFATC is not following realistic procedures.

That was the exact topic I was looking to quote, but I couldn’t find it in time 😂…

Yeah unfortunately IFATC can’t be 100% realistic as detailed above…
for example in my home airport (VHHH) 07L is only used for landings and 07R is only used for takeoffs. When I get sequenced to land at 07R I’m kind of fuming inside; but oh well I still have to deal with it.


Hey Phillippe,

IFATC are told to use what is given to them. There are running it really well as one runway is for deps and the other is for arrivals. Gatwick will start to experience unrealistic traffic therefore, both runways will most likely start getting used as arrival runways. Not everyone knows that they turned 26R and 08L into a taxiway; some people in turn would not know what’s going on.



Just going to leave this here 😂 this is from not that long ago and is real