London Gatwick Late Morning Arrivals

Hey all, So i went to EGKK this morning for a bit of spotting and got some awesome pics that may be a little blurry and edited a bit. Not a lot by I hope you like them!

BA A320 arriving with Air Canada Rouge B767 in the distance

TAP arrival from Lisbon

Air Malta inbound, bonus points if you can guess where from

Air Canada Rouge B767 in from Toronto I believe

Norwegian Dreamliner (a.k.a Baeliner) inbound from Orlando

And finally a Turkish inbound from Istanbul

Hope you liked them!


Nice shots! I wish I could go planespotting some time.

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Love that Norwegian and Air Canada!!! :)

Beautiful spotting! What camera?


A Canon of some form, its my sisters but she’s not home so not certain on which one it is, sorry lol.

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Mmm Baeliner!
Nice shots!


Really Great shots ben. I love the variety of planes at Gatwick. Surprised you didn’t get any easyJet shots. [quote=“BenTyson, post:1, topic:125700”]
Air Malta inbound, bonus points if you can guess where from

Malta? ;)


Thank you Mr Schyllberg:)

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You may be right… wasn’t too sure myself lol

I like the Rouge and Turkish shot. Nice photos! 👌


Thanks lol, I love the livery on the Air Canada Rouge

Amazing! Did you use any zoom? If not, how did you get so close to the airport/runway?

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Copying Airside Eric?

Great photos was at LGW myself in January to spot & seen many great aircraft.

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I love that Norwegian 787😍

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Yes much Zoom, was stood on top of south terminal car park

Lol, the baeliners are awesome

Never knew it was nicknamed that

@Aussie_Wombat Well… it’s a 787. It’s named the Dreamliner.

S sorry it quoted the wrong spot.

I meant the “baeliner”

Oh, OK. I also didn’t know it was called the Baeliner. Sorry for the confusion.

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I get it off a Instagram person working at LAX we both love them lol and so call it Baeliner @Aussie_Wombat

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