London Gatwick is new favourite for Airport Expansion in the SE of England

‘London Oxford airport’ ok then in that case we’ll have London Bristol, London Birmingham and London Cardiff airports then in that case. No need for the prefix of London for Oxford airport.

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Sounds like a Ryanair tactic 😂

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To and from “convieniently located airports” within Europe…yep good one Ryanair when you ditch me at Stansted - a good 45 minute train ride from Central London.


Go Gatwick! It is the closest commercial airport near me.

Yeah, I rather like Gatwick actually. It has a great feel to it, especially the South terminal - plus I love Norwegian and they go out of South.

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Gatwick should be allowed to have 3 runways if Heathrow is allowed to

Yeah I agree, three problems though.

  1. The A23
  2. The M23
  3. Crawley & Horley
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Tough :/ Maybe Thames estuary is the right route then

Hmm…I reckon they’d be able to get another runway in there, though they could just widen and lengthen 26R/08L and so then only a little more space would be required maybe?

Isnt that the emergency runway?

Yeah, but if it means a second runway and minimal expansion space required, then why not? Ok, a new taxiway or two may be needed but still…

I think it is ICAO rules for there to be 1000 ft between runways so they can be operating autonomously.

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Do you mean ‘simultaneously’? 😉 Although you could use autonomous there I suppose… 🤔

But that’s a shame. That might have been good from their point of view as Gatwick would’ve won the battle for most convienient expansion vs Heathrow.

Definitely autonomously. It is defined as “independent of each other”

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Fair enough, I’ll take your word for it…

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