London Gatwick is new favourite for Airport Expansion in the SE of England

The less its used the cheaper it is for low cost airlines. I actually would like to see it.

There is no doubt that it is getting a little bit more attention due to rapid Easyjet expansion but it doesn’t have the rail infrastructure and is far too far out for driving to be a true London airport.

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A whole UK airport would be better. For instance, a major Expansion of East Midlands would put the Airport slap bang in the middle, in clear airspace, and with excellent motorway links. A single train line already exists which could be easily coupled with HS2. If the government thought outside the box a little.

I don’t think there is any one rail line that can handle the amount of capacity needed

government yet to realise that there is more to the Country than just London! ;)

We have the M1 running right to it, connected from A1 and M5/6 from both sides, and if the new HS2 was to run right by there it would be perfect, no more than half an hour from London by Rail, sometimes it takes an hour to get from London to Heathrow/Gatwick.

Um ok… you realise London is the only city with most of its airports at near full capacity? Edinburgh doesn’t have that Manchester doesn’t. London is one of the top destinations in the world thats just a fact.

More people in the UK live within an hour drive to Birmingham airport than any other airport… But if your from the south continue to live in your bubble.

Theresa May, who succeeded David Cameron.

They’re talking about England’s airports.

No one wants to go to Birmingham thats not rude its just a fact. Its not an international hub.

Gatwick is desperately trying to grasp hold of the rights to expand to a third runway, they recently released this video. Honestly, I’d still rather it was Heathrow!

What about London Oxford Airport or London Farnborough airport, I know Farnborough is definitely called that because all my relatives live in Farnborough and recall my Grandad telling me about it a couple years back

They’re not officially London airports, even though they are named with London in them.

Not a complete surprise really. The Heathrow expansion is a political nightmare for any PM and Gatwick seems to be the ‘safe’ choice if arguably not the most practical one. Either one should work well for us in the frozen North if it means more flights South that will connect to onward flights abroad. A handful of Transatlantic flights out of Glasgow/Edinburgh makes life difficult if I want to try and travel at sensible times.

Although that said, the international gateway of Inverness Dalcross Airport is proposing changes to the airspace to encourage more flights. We might even get flights to places other than Amsterdam and Geneva and… um that’s it. So suck on that Londonshire ;-)

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Oxford and Farnborough don’t do commercial flights.

They are part of London if you go on the principle of Pyster card access

To be fair this is an old topic I made. There had been a lot of support for Heathrow expansion lately. Along with that they may opt to expand both which may be the ideal option.

Since when could an Oyster card get you to Oxford or Farnborough?

Oh sorry thought you meant Heathrow and Gatwick 🙈 Sorry

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