London Gatwick (EGKK) Big Event 211200ZJUL18

London Heathrow is always the centre of attention, so lets get some use out of Gatwick for a change. I am hosting an event on the Training server open to all (sensible) people. I am not going on the Expert server because not everyone has there requirements for it. I don’t know if i am allowed to host an event but I’m doing it anyway. There will be no ATIS but if there is anyone who would like to volunteer for ATC Approach, Departure, Tower, Ground, preferably 4 people, that would be excellent!! Thanks

Training Server


21st July 2018

12:00 (Afternoon)

If you would like to join please comment a route, Gate Number and flight Number, there are only certain airlines that operate from Gatwick designated to each terminal, please only request the terminal for your designated airline. i have already entered a few :

North Terminal

Air Canada, Easyjet, Royal Air Maroc, Icelandair, TUI, Virgin Atlantic, Westjet:

Gate 46
Gate 47
Gate 48 Virgin 63 LGW-HAV B789 (Available)
Gate 49
Gate 50
Gate 51
Gate 52
Gate 53
Gate 54
Gate 55
Gate 56
Gate 57
Gate 58
Gate 59
Gate 60 TUIJet 9 LGW-MCO B789 (Availible)
Gate 61 TUIJet 8 LGW-CUN B789 (Availible)
Gate 62 Virgin 43 LGW-LAS B789 (Availible)
Gate 63 Virgin 39 LGW-MCO B789 (Availible)

Gate 101 @TommyGarrett Easy 8668 LGW-ALC
Gate 102
Gate 104
Gate 105
Gate 106
Gate 107
Gate 109
Gate110 Emirates EK1 LGW-DXB A388 (Available)
Gate 111
Gate 112
Gate 113 Easy 3320 LGW-MJV A320 (Available)

South Terminal

Are Lingus, Air Baltik, Air Europa, Air Malta, Air Transat, Austrian, British Airways, Croatia, Cathay Pacific, Flybe, Iraq Airlines, Norwegian, Ryanair, Swiss, Thomas Cook, Turkish, Wizz Air.

Gate 01
Gate 02
Gate 03
Gate 04
Gate 05

Gate 10
Gate 11
Gate 12
Gate 13
Gate 14
Gate 15
Gate 16
Gate 17
Gate 18
Gate 19 Cathay Pacific 1 LGW-HKG B747-400 (Available)
Gate 20
Gate 21
Gate 22
Gate 23
Gate 24
Gate 25
Gate 26
Gate 27 British Airways 2690 LGW-ALC A319 (Available)
Gate 28

Gate 31
Gate 32
Gate 33
Gate 34
Gate 35
Gate 36
Gate 37
Gate 38

Thank You Very Much, if you have any questions feel free to ask.😀

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