London Gatwick airspace

Which is More important Arrivals or departures?
Coz this ATC is making all the arrivals do 360s and go arounds is so anoying

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Arrivals should be prioritized over departures in busy situations. Is there an issue with the controller?


Yes because the ground is and I quote packed I have just departed the airspace where I was on the ground for 20 mins because a gate hold is in effect, so right now it is definitely departures! As soon as approach came offline you all were so desperate to get in you all ruined the pattern and bunched up! If you stayed in pattern this would not have happened, so you and the other pilots are unfortunately forced to stay in the air during this time, until the hold short line is less!


Yes very much coz of this controller ive flown for a extra HOUR

Can we get a approach then

You may then take it up with the controller or not fly to a HUB!

Hey, I was the ground controller. I know I’m not really who you’re looking for but I can say when you have 55 aircraft arriving every 20 minutes on one runway, there will be some pretty hefty delays. If you want no delays, you could fly to any one of the other 12 controlled airports. You have to anticipate delays when flying into busy hubs.

@Manav_Suri or @Alejandro_Castaneda were your controllers depending on when you arrived.


@Alejandro_Castaneda is the current controller there. Send him a message politely.

Its a whole hour mate

Being an IFATC controller is quite difficult. If you guys think that you may never be able to land in Gatwick, you can always divert. London Heathrow is currently active.


That up to the controller and if he has any headache pills in his/her home!

I wasn’t the controller. It is Alejandro :).

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Busy airport, one runway lots of people. Not uncommon. The controllers are volunteers and have to make touch choices. It happens. That’s why you should always take more fuel, for cases like this.


How do i report fuel remaining coz ive got 4 percent

Just divert. If you flown “enough” minutes, it should be available in your ATC menu.


It should pop up in the menu! However the control will say to divert due to Traffic!

You might as well divert.

As @Alpster said divert, EGLL is literally 30NM away at most… 4% is enough to get you there


Ima try my luck 1 last time

What airport were you coming from?