London Flash Flight ATC Tower Timelapse

London Flash Flight

Another week, another flash flight. With over 200+ inbounds throughout the day, London had never-stopping traffic and it was hectic especially during the flash flight, with over 120 aircraft on ground at one point. However, this did not stop me from controlling and I was glad to have the help of my fellow controllers. Here’s a time-lapse for you to enjoy!


EGLL South Ground: @Anthony_Morgan
EGLL North Ground: @DannyHL
EGLL North Tower: @TheAviationGallery
EGLL South Tower: @Olivier999
EGLL South Approach: @collin12353
EGLL North Approach: @United2
EGLL Departure: @Flying_Pencil
London Center: @Astreal

Screenshot 2020-12-23 at 3.55.58 AM

Click the image above to view the video of the time-lapse. Please note that the video is a little glitchy due to the heavy load.


Wow! That is insane how busy it was, Nice video!

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amazing time-lapse! 😍

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Now THIS is an epic moment.

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Nice video. Thanks for the excellent service as well

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Incredible! Awesome job. Thank you!

Sooooo cool! However, how did you not get dissappearing aircraft? 😳 It was kinda making my session a little tricky…

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I did towards the end… unfortunately.


I liked your video you have good content good job controlling today!

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