London Departure and/or Barcelona approach

Hi, I have just been flying from London to Barcelona and on numerous occasions the ATC departure from London would not respond to me. I then continued to Barcelona and requested approach on numerous occasions with no response. I then contact tower, again no response. I then got a warning advising I was in an active airspace so I responded back but again with no response. As I assumed there was a communication issue, I stopped the flight and was just going to report the problem however I have just noticed you have downgraded me from grade 4 to grade 2? Initially London advised me to line up on the runway and wait, so I did. They did not give take off clearance but then advised me that they have cancelled take off clearance which was not a problem as I was only lined up as requested. They then came back to me, and gave me immediate take off clearance. Since changing frequently at London tower to departure no ATC would communicate back to me. Please can you look into this for me as I have spent allot of hours on gaining my grade 4 status to now be graded as a 2. I could hear everyone else’s ATC instructions but I was given none. Is there an issue currently? Any help would really be appreciated! Thanks everyone and happy flying :)

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Hello. Have you got a strong internet connection ?

what’s your wifi speed ?


Do you know who was the ATC controller? Also I’m assuming you got reported because of connection issues. After that we’ll help you out find the Controller on IFC. Good luck and happy landings!

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Hey, thanks for your reply. The ATC was
IFATC MWE2187. I’m assuming it’s for not following instructions but I couldn’t get any information but I could hear the speaking with other aircrafts. Almost like I was just being totally ignored. I could hear my own request but I just didn’t get any answers back. Thanks in advance:)

I’ll contact you in a PM to get this resolved - thanks for shouting up!