London city

what aircraft can i fly into london city and dont say ejet until its reworked


Dash 8, A318 (a318 is the max)


use List of destinations & airlines from City, London -

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Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 is my best bet at EGLC. Happy Flying ;) !

Edit : Sometimes the A318 but only the BA Livery to make it more Realistic :)

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Ejet is still fun aircraft despite its poor quality, I’d definitely recommend flying it, and give the ejet rework a feature vote!


Agreed, the E Jets aren’t even that bad imo i fly them quite regularly lol

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Hi there, the following aircraft in Infinite Flight operate, or have previously operated to London City:

  • Airbus A318 - British Airways (BA1/BA2), historic to JFK with a stopover in Shannon when flying West

  • Dash 8 Q400 - Operated with Flybe (previously), Luxair (to ELLX)

The Ejet is a largest operator of London City which created a small problem for your preferred aircraft choice. Alitalia, British Airways, KLM, LOT, and Lufthansa fly into LCY with these.

The A220 also flies into LCY with Swiss which isn’t in Infinite Flight currently.

FlexFlight operate Cessna Citations in from Le Bourget (Paris).

And finally, Loganair operate to and from Dundee on the ATR 42, which is also not in game.

Hope this helps!


It got a texture improvement in 21.1! Give it a chance :)

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Exciting! I don’t have beta, so that’s something to look forward to for the full release!

can i fly a crj with the ba livery in

From what I know, the CRJ is not certified for steep approaches so it cannot fly there.

I know the 747-8 and A380 can land at London City…

Jk. Jk

But in a serious note, the A318 and the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400


Level 3 Violation is waiting for you
If there’s active IFATC

Also the E Jets!!
P. S. Do not attempt the CRJ.

CRJ700,CRJ200(I think so)

They are not certified for steep approach

Though the E Jets are

Please read the blurred spoiler 🤪

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No it can’t is not Equipped for steep approaches it literally says in the cockpit

The specific cockpit model has the placard.
Some are, some aren’t.

If the Q400 wasn’t certified, how did Flybe and Luxair fly it in daily.

I’d assume that was more because of the lack of CRJ-700s in Europe.

Probably not worthwhile at the time when Avros were everywhere.

For reference Skywest flies multiple daily CRJ-700s into Aspen on an instrument approach which is quite a bit steeper than LCY (often at their tailwind limit)

And not all EJets are LCY certified.

Only the -170 and -190