London city (solo approach)

I want to practice landings at eglc but the approach is way to high up to be able to do so I feel like when you spawn in it needs to be lower down I have to descend like -1800

If I recall correctly London City has a steep approach irl


Hello, London City is an airport with special sound restrictions and also aircraft height, that is the reason for the steep approach.


Here is the glide slope information (red box).
In most airports, it is only around 3 degrees, but as you can see, it is a lot steeper.
The only aircraft we have in Infinite Flight that are allowed at London City are the Embreaer E jet Family, the Bombardier 8-Q400, and the A318.


Could you try the approach again and see what altitude agl(above ground level) and asl(above sea level) is indicated initially?

It’s starting me at 3000 ft which is makeing me over hit the runway when i go 120 knots not even the landing speed

Try using the APPR and see if it has a good approach maybe

This is the same as in real life, London City has a very steep approach and not just any aircraft can fly it, it requires some pre-calculation

Yeah I was using the a318 but solo would need the go around for sure it I am gaining so much speed doing the descent which is makeing me over run it I think the problem on solo is they put the approach in there to close to the airport

Use the speedbrakes and be fully configured and slowed to approach speed by your descent point from 2000ft. I have managed to land at London City many times and it’s perfectly fine, the hard thing is the flare.

Yes but have you tried doing it on solo ?

Yes. However why would solo be any different to multi player?

Just to add on solo if you start on the approach you start at 3000ft at 5nm out which is bang on the glide path. You do not start high.

you could push final approach and approach the runway so you can land at the right altitude

This screenshot is taken directly after calibrating on Solo + approach 27.
As you can see, it’s spot on where you are supposed to be.
It’s just how the glideslope is on this airport, as already explained by others :)


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Speed brakes and fully configured prior to the approach is a must here. Just like the RNAV for Aspen. There is nothing wrong with the approach.

I also moved this to general as it’s not an issue with the app.


Ok I’ll figure it out this can be closed thanks 👍🏻

Try with a C-130 to get used to it lol. You can cheat and use reverse thrust on the way down.

i recall that as well its very tricky and you have to be an expert to land it