London City - Common mistakes with ATC

I have been controlling for a while now, and I would like to point out a few common mistakes tat are made with the ATC commands given by the controller.

This is if runway 27 is in use

  • When permission is given to taxi to Runway 27, this is not permission to enter the runway and taxi down there to the holding point. This command means, taxi and hold short of the runway. Contact tower, and they will give you permission to back taxi when it is appropriate and suitable.

-If you enter the runway without permission, it may result in you being ghosted.

When the Back Taxi command has been given, please do so quickly, especially if you have been asked to exit the runway, not line up, to enable smooth operations if other aircraft are on final etc. - This will help you get on with your flight quicker, and help the other aircraft around have a good flying experience, and not cause them to have to go around, if you do not vacate quickly enough.

Another thing to point out - please do not block up all the exit routes from the runway, Hold short at the one point before being given permission to back taxi. This will enable people to exit the runway and get you off the ground quicker

If you don’t want to follow these rules, then the Advanced server is not for you - you should go to the free flight server!


Welcome to London City:)

Indeed, but this should help make the gaming experience better for all, just a very simple thing that is very easy to do!

I admit, London City can be confusing, but it should be understood the procedures that happen there for the Advanced server!

Did CAN990 do it correctly?

Indeed! I believe so!

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thanks for the reminders! I haven’t tried LCY on advanced yet…only risk it on ATC PG and that can be a bit hit and miss!

Good point here. Thanks for adding.

Thank you for this, this needed to be pointed out !! ((;

No worries!

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You’re welcome

PG can be very hit and miss, thats why I like the advanced as it is for flyers that want to obey instructions (mostly)

I just went in for 2min and already quitted. Impatient players, no clue what back taxi means, not following instructions. I can’t wait to become advanced atc

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It’s so much easier but still the nimrods will come.

I was a bit confused on the picture below, ATC told me to back taxi while there was another aircraft back taxiing. So my question is do I wait for the other aircraft to take off first, or do I back taxi while the other plane back taxies?? image

From my understanding, you can. As long as someone isnt on final or taking off.

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You back taxi and go in that little strip of taxi line as the other plane takes off I think

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You follow the other aircraft back taxiing and when you get off the runway you hold short and wait for takeoff clearance.


What Matt said

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At London City, there is a holding point off runway 27 which can hold 3/4 aircraft. If you have been told to back taxi with others, it is so you are down there ready to takeoff and can get off quicker

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@SAA_A346 I tend to have 2-3 Aircraft Back Taxiing at once, Because then I can expedite departures.

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