London City C130 Landing Competition - @ EGLC 301600ZMAR20

Summary: This country needs you. With the global Coronavirus / COVID19 pandemic continuing to cause our daily lives to adjust, London City Airport has closed to commercial traffic and will now solely be used for military transportation for the new Nightingale Hospital at the neighbouring London ExCel centre.

With that being said, we need the very best of pilots to take on the approach to London City in the beast that is the C130J. You can get an idea of the skill required by watching this video of a real world practice landing the other day -

You will depart from RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) and follow the approved flight plan in to London City (EGLC).

Server: Expert

Departure Airport: EGVN - RAF Brize Norton

Arrival Airport: EGLC - London City Airport

Aicraft: RAF C130J

Time: 2020-03-30T15:00:00Z

NOTAM: Subject to change on day of event

EGVN - Departing Runway 07, straight out departures only.
EGLC - Landing Runway 09, backtrack and exit via taxiway ECHO.
I have spoken to the beautiful @misha who is happy for the C130 to be used in to EGLC

RAF Brize Norton (EGVN)
London City Airport (EGLC)

The almighty RAF C130J


As the winner of BAVA’s most recent LXGB landing competition, I will chair the Landing Judges Committee.

The three additional judges will be announced prior to the event.


EGVN D076I D028T GWS06 D285C DET30 WESUL CLN27 LCE06 LCE05 LCN05 D305F D288F D273E LCW01 EGLC


Stand 01: @Declan_Mcgee / CACTUS09
Stand 02: @DanielOConnor / Ascot 1
Stand 03: @Kuba_Jaroszczyk
Stand 04: @candrej
Stand 05: @Jan_W
Stand 06: @Dreadjack888
Stand 60: @Skyler.Cooper
Stand 61: @VPN
Stand 62: @max7777
Stand 63: @Seal
Stand 64: @Mohammad_Zarooni
Stand 65: @TRDubh
Stand 66: @Jeno_Farkas
Stand 67:
Stand 68:
Stand 70:
Stand 71:
Stand 72:
Stand 73:
Stand 74:
Stand 75:
Stand 76:
Stand 77:
Stand 78:

Reply below with the callsign you will be using! I look forward to seeing you all there :)


Count me in CACTUS09

Great! Gate 01 is yours, thanks!

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Wow, I just checked on Google to see if the C17 could land here, and it says that the C17 could land on 3500 ft on runway, giving it 1000 ft to spare at LCY. That’s pretty incredible.

I cannot make it to this one, but good luck!


Only the very best pilots will succeed here. But yes, it’s going to be a fun one, thank you! :)

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Count me in. Ascot 1

Thank you for signing up! I’ve allocated you Stand 02 :)

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I will take a stand. Looks like a brilliant event! 👏

Thank you! It’s my first ever IFC event!

Stand 03 is yours.

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Looks good, I’ll take a stand!

For me a Stand please

@candrej thank you ! Stand 04 is yours.

@Jan_W Great! Thanks for joining. Stand 05 is yours :)

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I’ll have a go

Stand 06 is yours! Thanks for registering :)

count me in, callsign I F A E Euro

also is it based on how short you land or the smoothness ??

Awesome! Stand 60 is yours.

Will publish the 3 criteria along with FPL on Sunday.

But itll be focussed on steep approach, smoothness of touchdown and buttery goodness :)

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Flight plan for tomorrow

EGVN D076I D028T GWS06 D285C DET30 WESUL CLN27 LCE06 LCE05 LCN05 D305F D288F D273E LCW01 EGLC

Three judgement criteria;

  1. Accuracy of steep approach.
  2. Smoothness or landing & centreline.
  3. Ability to stop the aircraft.

Still gates left! Be great to get more signups!

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Judging Panel:

Chair: @JayIOM
Judge 1: @Speedbird_286
Judge 2: @Beau_Giles

Going to be a great event! :)


Count me in as well!

Stand 61 is yours :)

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