London City ATC

  1. I request for takeoff and telling that I’m remaining in the pattern, I was cleared for takeoff and the controller told me to make right traffic. Shortly after he tells me to contact Themes Radar and the controller immediately sent “Please follow instructions or you will be ghosted”. I did this 2 times. The person controlling Tower and ground was @youngblood and approach Lee something can’t find him.

  2. On the ground, an aircraft rammed into me and was cleared for takeoff BEFORE me which is very unfair.

  3. An aircraft enteres the runway without permission and was cleared for takeoff before me.

This is in the expert server…

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I think one of the mods or Tyler should look into this one

Also, this controller gives me wrong commands.

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Was there a lot of traffic,mabey he was really stressed or just by accident?

When doing a pattern, IFATC can hand you over to approach or any similar frequency to help you inbound…

Contact @youngblood. Sometimes controllers have off days. It happens we’re human too. I’m sure he has an explanation.


If you have any queries about a controller’s decisions, please, don’t hesitate to message them. They’re a lovely bunch and won’t have any problems with explaining the situation :)