London City Arriving Traffic

With all the TFRs In place for the London event, there are multiple involving London City. My question was, are there any SIDs when you are inbound or is it just outbound?


SID (standard instrument departure) is not a STAR (standard terminal arrival Route)


So are there any STARs?

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It seems like there are only SIDS and no STAR’s, so you should be fine as long as you follow the vectors given by approach.

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You can find them on Navigraph or Jeppesen website I think

Alright, thanks. My final question is, will I get in trouble for contacting Heathrow Approach on approach to City?

No, if you accidentally contact Heathrow approach and you are inbound to London City then Heathrow Approach will just give you a frequency change to london city approach.


OK thank you! Mods can now close.

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ATC have been given internal guidance if controlling approach into LCY, but there is no official STAR for pilot, no.