London City (And Taxi Instructions In General)

EGLC. Not sure what you guys think of it, but it’s certainly an interesting place to fly and control. Its unique layout makes it a place that can be really fun to both fly out of and control, but also a pain in the butt sometimes when it isn’t done right. I figured I’d clear up as much as I can, as I had a few problems on controlling Expert Server there today.

  1. Probably the most important point, as it is the one most likely to get you ghosted, is that a taxi instruction is just that. It doesn’t change from airport to airport. It is a direction to get where you need to go, as far as you can (whether it be 10 feet or 10,000) via taxiways. It is never an instruction to cross a runway or back taxi. If you are ever confused, just try to remember (or look) if you ever got a specific instruction to enter a runway. If you didn’t, it’s in your best interests to stay behind that hold short line. And for anyone that may not know, back taxi is given by the tower controller upon a takeoff request, not a runway crossing from ground.

  2. London City is a small airport, and is restricted in real life to smaller planes (A318 is the largest IF plane on that list). While we aren’t quite as strict here, almost all A321s/737-900s (or larger) will be reminded that they are too big. A320s/737-800s are a bit of a grey area and vary between controllers and workload, but I would try to avoid them as well.

  3. Taxiing to parking is the entire taxi after the runway. Even if the runway is right next to the gate, if you are transferred to ground you need to request taxi. Do not taxi all the way to your gate - at that point it wouldn’t matter if you stopped and essentially request to turn and park or not.

These apply for any and all airports (except the size restrictions, those change and aren’t applicable in most controlled airports). I hope I don’t sound too mean or critical - but I hate having to ghost and/or warn people, and if I can reduce the frequency of that in the future it would be great for everyone involved. If any of you need more clarification about London City specifically, my fellow controller @Captain_Zen posted an amazing topic earlier today about the airport, and it could serve you well to give it a look. Happy flying (and controlling) everyone!


Great informative post. Not to forget this:

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That’s also a well put-together guide. I was hoping there wasn’t anything I may be duplicating, and I think yours is different enough.

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EGLC is a lot of fun both flying into and out of and controlling, it’s particularly fun when you get can get a couple of planes back taxiing and holding short together

I like the challenge of trying to park as per real life where you turn into the gate and then do a 180 so the nose faces the runway


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