London City Airport will be operating again soon!

Famous of its steep approach slope, London City Airport (EGLC) has been considered one of the best plane-spotting location in the United Kingdom due to its close proximity to the London’s financial districts. London City Airport has been closed since March because of the global pandemic. However, there are news that the airport will be opening again on the 30th of June, 2020.

A quote from Robert Sinclair, the CEO of the airport:

“When our doors re-open again shortly, our ambition is to provide the best airport experience in the UK to our passengers by ensuring we follow industry guidance to the letter and by maintaining our reputation as the quickest London airport to get to and through.”

What do you think about this?

  • Sounds good! :)
  • Nah, its not the appropriate time :(

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Official statement of the re-opening:

My reference article:

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I had no idea that they were not operating! This is great news!


That’s great and all but…

I just want people to stay in lockdown till COVID-19 blows over.

The situation right now is that adults are like kids wanting their homework to be finished as soon as possible so they can play but instead just sit there and whine about it.


That is very true, frequent travelling now may increase the risk of having another wave of virus…

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