London City Airport Tower view

The tower view at London City EGLC is slightly too far to the west.

It is also too high and looking down at a steeper angle than it should be.

The stand where I am parking the Dash 8 should be like this

(Taken by myself)

And the stand on the right of the IF picture should be directly in front of the tower view like this

(Taken by myself)


By any chance Caleb, do you know the height of the tower in London City? Would be helpful

I don’t… I can ask :)

Please do, and let me know. :)

I have asked, and waiting for a reply :)

I’m almost positive the majority of towers in IF aren’t positioned ‘exact’ to the real world.

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They can’t place it in the exact position there will always be a slight difference to the real world 😄

We try to, we keep it exactly where we see a 2D image of a tower in the maps but we don’t get the heights right

I used to look at google map shots and design it the airports from there, never worried too much about being incredibly precise.

But we are, we need 100% 2D realism

You are aware that the tower height view isn’t 2D Dush? Breaks almost every law of mathematics lol.

It is but 2D means no buildings and stuff,

48 feet high :)

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Tower moved, tower height changed from 158 feet to 48 feet, line attribute changed :)

Thanks, @planemadblog!


28 feet???

Seeing the actual height I wouldn’t even call it a ‘tower’! :)

haha! It is a room on top of the building :) - its very small in there.

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