London City Airport (Good or Not What I Expected)

This is my first post ever I hope this is the right place to put it :P

So lets start of by saying I love LCY in real life and on IF Live. The layout for the Airport is perfect! but this is where the issue for me comes. I don’t know whether this is rectified on the Advanced Servers but I can’t announce that I want to backtrack along the runway because there is no taxiway going to runway 27. I would love for there to be airport specific ATC requests like this.

There is nothing I love more is taking off out of LCY seeing the reflection of the river behind me.

Thanks guys hope I didnt mess up on my first post XD



I only fly London city on advanced :) If you go on advanced, atc will tell you to back taxi but on playground they don’t normally! Also if you want there to be a back taxi request you need to put it in features.

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I only just bought my 1 year membership so I only have like a 59% standing :P its amazing so far.


Have they fixed the glideslope?

Ok that’s fine I would just see what Atc does!

@Laurens I believe they have although I haven’t been to London City in a while

Glad you like it, taxiing to the runway via the runway is called a back taxi, or back track like you said. There is currently no request for that, so once you make it to advanced or maybe the playground, the ATC will tell you to do that. Your first post was on point👌

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Yes, it has been fixed for quite a while now.

Yes. The glideslopes have been updated to 5 degrees. :)

Will it be added for the airports that need it (probably only LCY) XD or even for all the airports but I guess that could be open to abuse by less experienced players.
And thank god it was right XD

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Here’s a thread on that:)

Is that now or will that be implemented in the next update?

I remember talking about this with a few of my fellow Advanced ATC friends about how people were always being confused that in order to “request to backtaxi” should be a ground command because pilots really didnt know that you should actually contact tower and request takeoff, which I dont like because I feel bad for the pilots waiting there having no clue on what to do… Sorry if my grammar is super bad, I currently have a sling on my left arm and its difficult to type :) But hopefully you guys get what I am trying to say

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That should already be implemented into the simulator.

Oh good, I knew it was there before but I remember it got removed by accident in an update and I didn’t know if it had been re-added

Nice, but shouldn’t they be 5.5°…?


I agree with Sean. This is a bit ridiculous for pilots to have to request take off in order to be told to backtaxi.
Also when several planes are holding short and you want 2 or 3 to backtaxi at the same time, you have to ask them to switch frequency to tower (even if they’re not first in line), which is a bit cumbersome.
In my opinion on tower frequency there should be an option to request backtaxi, and tower could reply with the usual options (backtaxi and contact ground when off the runway, or directly backtaxi then line up and wait if you want them to do their turn on the runway shoulder)

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I see 5,50… At the end of code( “Glideslope” line) for 27

But 5,05 for 09.
I am not sure these are pitch degreees.

The ILS glideslope is 5.5 degrees for 09 and 27. What chart are you looking at?